The Hague Arts Fair – Recap

August 9, 2010 – The Hague Arts Fair, held for the 39th time this past weekend (August 7-8), was a great place to be. Admittedly, Hague is just a great place to be — whether there’s an Arts Fair going on or not. But any event like this gives you the opportunity to see beautiful handcrafted items, meet new people and maybe even reconnect with some old friends you haven’t seen for a while.I watched in fascination as a woman from Putnam Station spun yarn from the wool of her own sheep. Knit hats, sweaters and mittens were on display in her booth, each bearing the name of the sheep who had ‘donated’ the wool. Imagine my surprise when suddenly she looked up and said, “Are you Ginger Henry? You haven’t changed a bit.” It turns out we had been in Girl Scouts together in Hague back in the late 50s. I decided that a) she needed a new optometrist, b) I must have looked really, really awful in fifth grade or c) living in Hague full-time for the past month agrees with me. I’m going to go with c.
Necklace made at the Arts Fair from an arrowhead found on a Hague beachI was also delighted to find a vendor who was able to turn an arrowhead that we had found on our beach this summer into a beautiful and unique necklace by carefully wrapping it in silver wire.
From gorgeous photographs and paintings of Lake George to hand-knit items, pottery, jewelry, wooden vases inlaid with stone, glass items, candles, soap, baskets and much more, there was something for everyone. But most of all, it was a great community atmosphere with really, really nice people — the vendors as well as the shoppers. Many of the artisans have already made plans to return next year.
If you’re an artisan, considering registering as a vendor for next year’s Arts Fair. And if you want to take advantage of the chance to see some great handcrafted items and meet the artisans, be sure to put the Hague Arts Fair on your calendar for next year (August 6-7, 2011).
Did you visit the Arts Fair this year? Send us your comments.

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  1. Judy Stock says:

    Hope the Chamber honors Judy Schultz for all her hard work at making this event so fabulous!

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