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Find the best Adirondack hiking trails with the best view of northern Lake George in the Hague Ticonderoga area. The mountains are also great for Adirondack year round attractions such as skiing and snowmobiling. These Adirondack hiking trails are great for camping.  Find the best in Lake George campgrounds

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JABE POND:  Hiking, Adirondack Camping, Canoeing,  Fishing. 

Approx Trip time: 1 mile, ½ hour, 250' elevation change.

How to get there: The shortest and best route is Split Rock Road, which turns west from New York 9N halfway between Silver Bay and Hague NY. The fork to Jabe Pond is 1.8 miles up Split Rock Road, and there is a parking area at the intersection. Jabe Pond Trail heads briefly downhill, than up a scrub forest where the road is lined with pad leaf orchids in summer and a good variety of wildflowers in the spring . Halfway through the walk the grade gets steep and than levels out in a beautiful hemlock forest that takes you all the way to the pond.

DEER LEAP:  Adirondack Hiking, Snowshoeing, Picnicking.

Approx Trip time: 1.6 miles, 1 hour

Take New York 9N south through Silver Bay, NY to the top of Tongue Mountain where you will find parking on the right and a few spaces shortly in the woods to the left. This Adirondack hiking trail follows an old horse trail, well built up with sizable stones by the Civilian Conservation Corps. You will reach the height-of-land for this trek at about 1.0 mile after climbing 300 feet, a walk of less than fifteen minutes. The height-of-land defines the transition from the tall hardwood forests of the western slopes to scrubbier oaks and pines of the eastern slopes. Beyond a intersection you cross the brow of a small ridge, quickly beginning to descend 0.16 mile into a valley and wind across it and up to a ridge at 1.1 miles. Continue across the ridgeline for 0.2 mile, passing a faint path right to a small overlook. For 0.2 mile you descend again, with good views north to the east west facing fault scrap of Bloomer’s cliffs and reach the partially wooded overlook at 1.6 miles.

FIVE MILE MOUNTAIN: Hiking, Snowshoeing, Camping.

Approx Trip time: 3.6 miles, 2 hours, 1190' elevation change.

Take New York 9N south through Silver Bay to the top of Tongue Mountain where you will find parking on the right and a few spaces in the woods to the left. Walk the first 1.0 mile as for the trail to Deer Leap and at the intersection turn sharply right, heading south, and continue on the blue trail. You reach small overlook summit of Brown Mountain at the 1.45 mile, a climb of 900 feet from the road and a fifty minute walk. After a short decent from Brown’s summit, you continue walking along the ridge which is mostly level, pleasant and open, with blueberries, some big red pine, trailing arbutus, and twisted stalk. At 1.75 miles you cross a three log bridge to a ledge with a lookout toward Northwest Bay. You climb again at 2.05 miles than open patch that leads at 2.45 miles to a lean-to where you can see the range of hills across Northwest Bay. The views both up and down the lake are lovely, but from here intervening hills in the range make impossible to see the Point of Tongue.


BERRYMILL POND: Hiking, Camping, Snowshoeing, Fishing.

Approx Trip time: 3.1 miles, 1½ hours, 720' elevation change.

Take NY Route 8 East ½ mile to Summit Drive and North 2.4 miles to the end. Turn right on New Hague Rd and the trailhead is 0.7 miles on the left. The trail angles to the north fording a stream and passing the apple orchard of an old farm on the right. At 0.8 mile the trail becomes much steeper as it enters a handsome white birch forest. Here it climbs the 400 foot ridge and you cross a stream 1 mile from the trailhead. You continue fairly steeply until a height-of-land is reached at 1.3 miles and than descend slightly through maples and hemlock. You cross a log bridge over a stream flowing toward Berrymill Pond at 1¾. Then cross another bridge at 2.2 miles and continue walking through yellow birch to reach the inlet and cross it on a plank bridge at 2.65 miles. Just over 3.0 miles after a trail intersection you reach the northern bay of the pond which is nearly filled with waterlilies and water plants.

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